Kabel Prysmian 300/500 V CU/PVC/PVC – NYM

Construction :

  • Conductor. Plain annealed copper wire according to IEC 60228 o Class 1 for Solid Conductors
    o Class 2 for Stranded Conductors
  • Insulation
    PVC Insulation Type C.
  • Inner Covering
    Cores enveloped in vulcanized rubber or plastic compound
  • Sheath
    PVC Compound ST4.

Identification :

  • With Protective Conductor
    o 3C : Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown
    o 4C : Green/Yellow, Blue, Black, Brown
    o 5C : Green/Yellow, Blue, Black, Brown, Black
  • Without Protective Conductor
    o 2C : Blue, Brown
    o 3C : Blue, Black, Brown
    o 4C : Blue, Black, Brown, Black
    o 5C : Blue, Black, Brown, Black, Brown

Standards :

  • SPLN 42.2 Design and Test Guidelines
  • SNI 04-6629.4 Design and Test Guidelines
  • IEC 60227-4 Design and Test Guidelines
  • IEC 60228 Conductor
  • IEC 60332-1 Flame Retardant


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